Nutshell Wisdom: Spend Your Energy Wisely

nutshell wisdom spend your energy wisely

If mental energy was money, how much cash would you be throwing away on self-doubt and self-condemnation every day? Every week? Every month? Every year?

And since mental energy can only be put to effective use in the present moment, how much are you throwing away by being stuck in the past and obsessed with the future?

When I notice that I am wasting my valuable mental energy, I use the following visualization to help me regain my focus:

I imagine myself driving down the road with a briefcase full of cash in the passenger seat. I roll down the window, and begin throwing the cash — by the handfuls — out the window as I continue to drive. This image gets my attention; it gives me a disturbing visual representation of how I am wasting mental energy.
The good news is that I am allowed to replenish the briefcase full of money at any time. All I need to do is re-focus my valuable mental energy in the present.

Give it a try. Or create your own visualization to remind you to “pay” attention to this present moment.

In a Nutshell
Mental energy can only be used
in the present moment.
It is worthless anywhere else.

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